Eastrian Blonde 5% ABV

"There's a new Blonde in town! She's bright, bright with a lot of .... zzzzzzing!

Tasting notes
Aroma: citrusy, spicy, some orange.
The flavour is slightly complex, with orange and a hint of lemon.
The finish is clean, crisp and refreshing

Eastrian Blonde

Eastrian Blonde is inspired by Saxon times in the village of Eastry.

In this little East Kent village stood the court of the Saxon King of Kent, Ecgberht,

who ruled from 664AD to 673AD. Ecgberht's court appears to have had a busy diplomatic centre with strong relationships with Anglo-Saxon Abbots and Archbishops.

'Once upon a time' in the year of our Lord 669, there was a blonde blue eyed farmhand called Daegal. This Eastrian blonde aspired to better himself and become the court brewer. It was rumoured in his village that the king often consulted the Witch of Suthrige to supply him with potency potions which the King regularly consumed (in vast quantities!).

Daegal decided to prove himself to the King by brewing his best 'strang hluttor

ealu'(strong clear ale), and so he travelled for 3 days and 2 nights scouring the

local countryside for the best fields of wheat and barley (the two main cereals of

the Saxon diet) and the purest water from the deepest well.

Deagal then visited the Witch of Suthrige and asked her to pass his special 'ealu'

in place of the next potion that the king ordered from her. The Witch, although having a heart of gold was NOT, alas, renowned for her beauty. Being besotted with the handsome Eastrian blonde she agreed to help him but drove a hard bargain: she demanded a night of intense and fiery passion.

The day after the new moon, a rumour spread across the village of Eastry: the king

had found the ultimate potency potion, he enjoyed 7 days and 7 nights of celebration, partying and regal pleasure.

Upon hearing this news, Daegal could keep the secret no longer and excitedly informed the King's emissaries that it was he who had created the invigorating elixir. The monarch, highly impressed by the young farmhand's skills, courage and initiative, appointed him as the official court brewer but banned the Witch of Suthrige, who tricked him, from the R.P.S.R.(Royal Potion Suppliers Record).

Having reached the end of our tale... as your faithful chroniclers, we must report that it came to our knowledge that Daegal found not only the fortune he sought but also the love of his life. Eastrian blonde and the Witch of Suthrige married shortly after.


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